Quality & appreciation

Your appreciation is our priority

At Electra Brandt we strive to provide the highest quality and service. Over the years, our striving has paid off with several certifications and awards. This reflects on our company, but especially on our workers. Because in the end, they are the ones making sure that you as our customers are satisfied.

Woodward L’Orange-certified

We are very proud of our Woodward L’Orange-certification. Woodward L’Orange injectors are used in engines from (Caterpillar) MAK, MAN, Wärtsilä, Pielstick, Deutz MWM, Rolls Royce, Bergen Diesel, and MTU. Woodward L’Orange awarded Electra-Brandt this certificate after a thourough company-wide audit. It states that Electra Brandt meets Woodward L’Orange’s requirements for quality, communication, and turnarounds.

You can count on us for spare parts for your fuel injectors, but also for a complete modification of your injectors and fuel pumps.

ISO 9001-2015-certified

We have been ISO-certified since 1995. In order to remain certified, we continue to test and improve our system for quality management. Our quality-management system applies to:

  • The repair and adjusting of diesel fuel injectors and components
  • The repair and winding of electric motors and generators, including the NEN3140-testing of power tools and mobile machinery
  • The selling of injection systems, high-pressure cleaners and fuel-, oil-, and air-filters
  • The maintenance and repair of cooling systems for the automotive industry

Your appreciation is our priority

Our certificates testify to our achievements on service, and naturally we are proud to have earned them. But what matters more to us is your satisfaction as our customer. Our mission is to contribute to your business process and your appreciation remains our priority. Call or email us any time for more information or to discuss a possible partnership.

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