Throughout the history of Electra Brandt, quality has been at the center of the business. Starting back when founder Willem Brandt offered his services in his small technical work space on the Oude Varkenmarkt in Leiden all the way to today, now that Electra Brandt has grown into a flourishing, modern business. Quality as a reliable basis is our motto in everything we do!

Quality at the center for your business processes

At Electra Brandt, we strive to contribute to the continuity of your business processes. This objective has always been a clear focus on which we base all our actions. We are fully aware that the products and services you receive from us are of essential importance to the continuity of your business processes. In practice, this notion is expressed in various ways. First of all, we choose to deliver only top quality brands and products that we support one hundred percent. Every product we offer carries a so-called Electra Brandt quality mark, and you can be sure we are critical! This means that if you purchase something from us, you are guaranteed a quality product. This includes the top quality Nilfisk-ALTO cleaning systems, professional tools by Facom, Fleetguard filter systems and Startwell spring starter motors. Quality brands, each and every one of them!

Optimal benefit of product or service

In addition to the best possible products we offer, you can also expect expert sales advice from us. After all, a high quality product will only work if it’s applied the right way. With our years of expertise, we can provide you with sound advice on the best possible utilization of our products. Even after you have purchased a product or service from Electra Brandt you can count on us. We consider aftercare an important part of our job: in order to contribute to your continuity, we spare no effort to let you make the most of your investment! Both our specialists and our working processes are completely dedicated to providing quality, consistency and efficiency. It goes without saying, then, that we are certified according to the latest ISO norms. Moreover, all revised and repaired appliances and machines are tested and checked in accordance with official specifications.

Electra Brandt your professional partner

Whether it concerns products or services, at Electra Brandt it’s all about quality – a reliable basis for your business processes! Are you interested in learning how Electra Brandt can assist you in your business processes? Please contact us so we can tell you more about it!

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