The history of Electra Brandt

The history of Electra Brandt begins when Willem Brandt establishes a sole proprietorship at the age of thirty under his own name: Electra-W.M. Brandt. Operating from a residential house on Oude Varkenmarkt in Leiden, he starts his business by overhauling starter motors and dynamos. Customers quickly find their way to Willem Brandt, and business thrives…

One of the first Bosch agencies

In fact, it thrives so well that expansion of the business is on the horizon. The business is expanded by acquiring the neighbouring property. This expansion provides Electra Brandt with more space to focus on its specialization during the 1930s: rewinding electric motors. In 1935, Electra Brandt becomes an authorized Bosch agency, making it one of the very first Bosch Diesel service points in the Netherlands. A milestone and a mark of pride!

In 1964, founder Willem Brandt steps back from the company. By then, the enterprise has outgrown its premises on Oude Varkenmarkt and, as a result, moves to Langevaart in Rijnsburg in 1973. What's notable about the new location is that there is now space for a trading department. From here, various technical goods find their way to individuals, government, and industry through Electra Brandt.

Certified according to the latest ISO standards

In 1994 the company undergoes a thorough examination to remain in line with the demands of the time. One of the most significant consequences is that since April 1995, Electra Brandt has been a ISO-9002 certified enterprise. Moreover, since March 2001, Electra Brandt has been one of the first companies in the Netherlands to be certified according to the new ISO 9001-2000 standards!

Meanwhile, the building on Langevaart becomes too small for Electra Brandt's ambitions, leading to the construction of a new building and another move. The first pole of the current building is set on January 31, 2001, making Electra Brandt the first company to establish itself in the new industrial area 'Klei-Oost' in Rijnsburg. The history of Electra Brandt, which began with a small technical workshop in Leiden, has now led to a solid enterprise with a magnificent business facility.

Electra Brandt as a contribution to your continuity

The course set by Willem Brandt long ago is still being followed, meaning that the management team actively participates in the business. Electra Brandt continues to do what it has excelled at throughout its history: contributing to the continuity of its customers' business processes. Just as in the early years of Electra Brandt, it still revolves around quality, service, and efficiency.

Would you like to know how Electra Brandt can also contribute to your continuity? In a personal conversation, we would be happy to tell you why you can rely on Electra Brandt!

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