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Woodward L’Orange is a true pioneer in the world of injection technology. Whether it concerns injection systems for large ship engines, power plants or locomotives, Woodward L’Orange provides the power you need. Moreover, diesel injection parts of Woodward L’Orange stand for top quality, which Electra Brandt fully supports!

Diesel injection parts of Woodward L’Orange for powerful injection

Woodward L’Orange has been on the front line of injection technology for over eighty years and can therefore be proud of its respectable history. The high demands in quality that to this day define the business can be traced back to the foundation of the company by Rudolph L’Orange in 1933. Time and again L’Orange has created new milestones in injection technology and even today the brand still sets the tone in the world of injection technology. Woodward L’Orange wouldn’t be the company it is today if it hadn’t consistently looked forward; in the future, too, the brand will focus on development and innovation. Whether it’s about quality, service or decreasing CO2 emissions, with diesel injection parts of Woodward L’Orange you can always be sure you’re getting a top quality product.

80 years of innovation in power

Ever since its foundation, Woodward L’Orange has been synonymous with state of the art injection technology. The core of the success of diesel injection parts of Woodward L’Orange is formed by its organization with over 1.000 employees who choose power and innovation on a daily basis. For over eighty years, Woodward L’Orange has developed, produced and sold advanced injection systems for the heaviest off-highway applications on a worldwide market. The strength of Woodward L’Orange is its ability to develop and produce custom-made products that fit the need of the specific customer seamlessly. The fact that an impressive share of Woodward L’Orange’s customer base has stayed with the company for decades is proof of the quality of the products and the service of diesel injection parts of Woodward L’Orange!

Indispensable quality in our selection

It goes without saying that we offer diesel injection parts of Woodward L’Orange in our selection. Assembling and test stands, diesel injection systems, diesel fuel pump, diesel fuel injector and spare parts: you’ll find it all at Electra Brandt. We are especially proud of our Woodward L’Orange certification, stating that our knowledge and expertise meet the high demands in quality set by Woodward L’Orange. Feel free to make an appointment, we would love
to tell you more about this great brand and our service!

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XP14112B UNIT - INJECTOR More information
NW5/60 WASHER - CAP NUT More information
NW5/59 WASHER - -SEALING More information
NW5/56 WASHER - BANJO CONNR More information
NW5/50W4 WASHER - BLKG PLUG More information
NW5/41W4 WASHER - BANJO CONNR More information
NW5/33 WASHER - More information
NW5/32 WDS - WASHER-SEALING More information
NW5/22 WASHER - -SEALING More information
NW5/18W4 WASHER - More information
NW5/14 WASHER - VENT SCREW More information
NW5/12 WASHER - VENT SCREW More information
NW3/29 WDS - WASHER More information
NW2/83 SHIM - STOP CAP More information
NW2/82 SHIM - STOP CAP More information
NW2/81 SHIM - STOP CAP More information
NW2/80 SHIM - STOP CAP More information
NW2/79 SHIM - STOP CAP More information
NW2/78 SHIM - STOP CAP More information
NW2/77 SHIM - STOP CAP More information
NW2/76 SHIM - STOP CAP More information
NW2/48 WASHER - More information
NW2/32 WASHER - More information
NU7/20Y1 LOCKNUT - ADJTG SCREW More information
NTDOB250F0502 NOZZLE HOLDER - More information
NTDOB150G5132 NOZZLE HOLDER - More information
NTDLB200H0608 NOZZLE HOLDER - More information
NTDLB194H0560 NOZZLE HOLDER - More information
NS16/10 SCREW - More information
NA00742 NOZZLE ASSY - H155T30H1101P4: ASSY DWG NA00742 More information
NA00267 NOZZLE ASSY - NAHL155U50K821P5:NOZZ ASSY 59/119 More information
NA00262 NOZZLE ASSY - NAHL155T46K879P4:NOZZ ASSY 66/6 More information
NA00259 NOZZLE ASSY - NAHL155T45H775P5:NOZZ ASSY 66/6 More information
NA00257 NOZZLE ASSY - NAHL155T38K785P4:NOZZ ASSY 66/6 More information
NA00256 NOZZLE ASSY - NAHL155T38K775P4:NOZZ ASSY 66/6 More information
NA00251 NOZZLE ASSY - NAHL153V90L900P12:NOZZ ASSY 60/46 More information
NA00246 NOZZLE ASSY - NAHL150U57H787P5:NOZZ ASSY 66/8 More information
NA00240 NOZZLE ASSY - NAHL150T45K897P4:NOZZ ASSY 66/6 More information
NA00238 NOZZLE ASSY - NAHL150T44H795P5: 66/6 More information
NA00237 NOZZLE ASSY - NAHL150T44H718P5:NOZZ ASSY 66/6 More information
NA00233 NOZZLE ASSY - NAHL150T38L748P8:NOZZ ASSY 66/6 More information
NA00227 NOZZLE ASSY - NAHL150T38K775P4:NOZZ ASSY 66/6 More information
NA00224 NOZZLE ASSY - NAHL150T38H663P7:NOZZ ASSY 66/6 More information
NA00217 NOZZLE ASSY - NAHL150T35L759P4:NOZZ ASSY 66/6 More information
NA00212 NOZZLE ASSY - NAHL150T34L835P5:NOZZ ASSY 66/6 More information
NA00206 NOZZLE ASSY - NAHL150T30L923P4:NOZZ ASSY 66/6 1271 More information
NA00205 NOZZLE ASSY - NAHL150T30L642P4:NOZZ ASSY 66/6 More information
NA00195 NOZZLE ASSY - NAHL145U68K858P6:NOZZ ASSY 66/8 More information
NA00193 NOZZLE ASSY - NAHL145U68K846P6:NOZZ ASSY 66/8 More information
NA00191 NOZZLE ASSY - NAHL145T50H897P4:NOZZ ASSY 66/6 More information
NA00189 NOZZLE ASSY - NAHL145T50H863P5:NOZZ ASSY 66/6 More information
NA00188 NOZZLE ASSY - NAHL145T48H894P6:NOZZ ASSY 66/6 More information
NA00186 NOZZLE ASSY - NAHL145T46H879P5:NOZZ ASSY 66/6 1428 More information
NA00184 NOZZLE ASSY - NAHL145T45H775P5:NOZZ ASSY 66/6 More information
NA00183 NOZZLE ASSY - NAHL145T43H879P4:NOZZ ASSY 66/1-10 1558 More information
NA00181 NOZZLE ASSY - NAHL145T40H775P4:NOZZ ASSY 66/6 More information
NA00178 NOZZLE ASSY - NAHL145T38H785P4:NOZZ ASSY 66/6 More information
NA00177 NOZZLE ASSY - NAHL145T38H775P4:NOZZ ASSY 66/6 More information
NA00172 NOZZLE ASSY - NAHL140T45F200P3:NOZZ ASSY 66/6 More information
NA00171 NOZZLE ASSY - NAHL140T43F775P4:NOZZ ASSY 66/6 More information
NA00164 NOZZLE ASSY - NAHL135U68K858P6:NOZZ ASSY 66/8 More information
NA00162 NOZZLE ASSY - NAHL135U68K787P6:NOZZ ASSY 66/8 More information
NA00158 NOZZLE ASSY - NAHL135U67H821P6:NOZZ ASSY 66/8 More information
NA00156 NOZZLE ASSY - NAHL135U67H820P6:NOZZ ASSY 66/8 More information
NA00133 NOZZLE ASSY - NAH160T45F464P4:NOZZ ASSY 66/4 More information
NA00079 NOZZLE ASSY - NAH150T40L814P4T:NOZZ ASSY More information
NA00077 NOZZLE ASSY - NAH150T40K932P4:NOZZ ASSY 57/237 More information
NA00075 NOZZLE ASSY - NAH150T38H833P7:NOZZ ASSY 66/4 More information
NA00073 NOZZLE ASSY - NAH150T38H464P4:NOZZ ASSY 66/4 More information
NA00072 NOZZLE ASSY - NAH150T36L833P5:NOZZ ASSY 66/4 More information
NA00071 NOZZLE ASSY - NAH150T36K932P4:NOZZ ASSY 57/237 More information
NA00065 NOZZLE ASSY - NAH150T34L833P5:NOZZ ASSY 66/4 More information
NA00059 NOZZLE ASSY - NAH145T42H531P6:NOZZ ASSY 66/4 More information
NA00058 NOZZLE ASSY - NAH145T40K648:NOZZ ASSY 57/136 More information
NA00057 NOZZLE ASSY - NAH145T38H464P4:NOZZ ASSY 66/4 More information
NA00055 NOZZLE ASSY - NAH145T35K648:NOZZ ASSY 57/136 More information
NA00050 NOZZLE ASSY - NAH140T43F529:NOZZ ASSY 66/4 More information
NA00042 NOZZLE ASSY - NAH135U47H353P5:NOZZ ASSY 66/7 More information
NA00041 NOZZLE ASSY - NAH135U45G353P5:NOZZ ASSY 66/7 More information
NA00025 NOZZLE ASSY - NAH0T60A823P8:NOZZ ASSY 66/4 More information
NA00024 NOZZLE ASSY - NAH0T135A369P9:NOZZ ASSY 66/5 More information
G990000092 COUPLING - KUPPLUNGSSTUECK 0330 4912 EF 0187-27 More information
G986000000 SEAL - DICHTUNGSSATZ 8V More information
G983160286 SEAL - DICHTUNG 8V 499.036-04:2 GRAUPAPPE More information
G983160059 SEAL - DICHTUNG 221.018506-04 RESTIBOL More information
G981790030 RING - NUTRING 20X32 TGL6361 1.028 More information
G981710141 RAW MATERIAL - ASBESTSCHNUR D3X300 More information
G981710133 GERMAN_ITEM - BAUMWOLL-STYMOL-PACK 8MM TGL5868 More information
G981710125 SEAL - DICHTUNG 72-5103.0000:22 TGL3424 KLINGERIT More information
G981670311 GERMAN_ITEM - PROFILSCHNUR 8X12-MF298 GUMMI More information
G981640278 SEAL - DICHTUNG 58-51001.0100:18 B-G55-3GUMMI More information
G981640083 SEAL - DICHTUNG 57-5117.0000:03 GUMMI More information
G981620058 COUPLING - KUPPLUNGSGUMMI 399.003-02:3 MOD.-NR.602 GUMMI More information
G981620031 COUPLING - KUPPLUNGSGUMMI 399.003-01:1/1 NBR 75 More information
G981615000 CAP - FLEXI 50,8X50MM; FCWA - 0508-050 More information
G981505350 O RING - VITON 43,00-3,00 SIMRIT 83 FKM 592 More information
G981505340 O RING - VITON-RING 66,00-4,00 VE500 80SH More information
G981505230 O RING - O-RING 19,2 X 3 DICHTOMATIK FKM80 More information
G981505170 O RING - VITON-O-RING 55X5 DIN 3771 SIMRIT 83 FKM59 More information
G981505120 O RING - VITON-O-RING 45X4 DIN 3771 FPM 70 More information

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